Is it time to take our Hen Harrier campaign to London?

Yesterday was the 3rd Hen Harrier Peaceful demonstration held at several locations throughout the country. The meeting held at Dunsop Bridge in the heart of the Forest of Bowland, aptly renamed the (killing fields) this year saw attendance well up on the previous two meetings, despite what the former Wildlife Crime Officer […]

Richard Benyon – The bird-brained minister

The Buzzard fiasco now shows just how committed our government is to protecting the interest of our birds of prey. The link to the attached article says it all. Mr Benyon the only responsible option for you now is to resign, sooner rather than later.

Statment recently published by Defra, explaining their position on […]

Hen harriers, the RSPB and “persecution” according to the Countryside Alliance.

In a recent article published by the Countryside Alliance their Chief Executive Alice Barnard ridicules RSPB’s assertions that the hen harrier’s current precarious status in England is a result of illegal killing is nothing short of absurd. Apart from the Chief Executives obvious lack of any acceptance of Scientific facts supporting what the RSPB and […]