‘Throwing Down the Gauntlet’- ‘Driven Grouse Shooting.’ Their bluff has been called.

Well with clockwork regularity another season’s fledged hen harriers ‘disappear’ over grouse moors. They’re not even making an effort to throttle back in the face of growing censure, in fact they seem to be giving conservationists, the public and the law a bigger two finger salute than ever. Time to return the gesture, but […]

Could White-tailed eagles help resolve over-fishing on England’s inland lakes and fisheries by cormorants?

Cormorants blamed for destroying Lake District fish stocks. Anglers fear an invasion of cormorants throughout Cumbria are eating too many fish from the Lake District. Could the reintroduction of the White-tailed eagle resolve the problem faced by anglers in Cumbria?Observations show a significant increase in the number of cormorants in Cumbria over the past three […]

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