Chris Packham interviews Grouse Moor Employee

Chris Packham interviews a grouse moor employee to discover what really goes on behind the heather. An actor is used to protect the identity of the interviewee – but reads directly from a transcript so the conversation is fully accurate.

Fury after Peregrine Falcon found shot dead at Lancashire Church.

Sadly incidents of illegal killing of England’s ‘protected’ birds of prey, whether on Red Grouse moors or in the urban environment are increasing despite what our present Prime Minister is telling the public in Parliament. Conveniently Mrs. May has overlooked the fact that the Hen Harrier did not breed last year on any grouse […]

Driven Grouse Shooting in England. Watch the video transmitted from BASC headquarters in Westminster.

Chris Packham & Mark Avery Review The Real Price of Grouse, but overlook the Forest of Bowland Tragedy

Message to Mark Avery from Terry Pickford, no mention of the Forest of Bowland Tragedy, why?

Mark, I was so disappointed that during your interview above with Chris Packham this week, although you highlighted the disappearance of many, but not all, raptors from the Yorkshire dales, the north York moors and the Peak District, […]

Is it time to take our Hen Harrier campaign to London?

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Yesterday was the 3rd Hen Harrier Peaceful demonstration held at several locations throughout the country. The meeting held at Dunsop Bridge in the heart of the Forest of Bowland, aptly renamed the (killing fields) this year saw attendance well up on the previous two meetings, despite […]

Forest of Bowland Hen Harrier day just 6 days to go.

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Only 6 days to go to our Hen Harrier Day at Dunsop Bridge in the heart of the Forest of Bowland. We need all the support we can muster next Sunday the 7th August. They have now killed all nesting Hen Harriers and Peregrines in […]

Chris Packham thanks all his supporters and provides a huge boost for wildlife conservation.

Please sign petition to Ban Driven Grouse Shooting

Join the RSPB

Support Birders Against Wildlife Crime

Join League Against Cruel Sports

Buy ‘Inglorious: Conflict in the Uplands’ by Mark Avery Available from Wild Sounds:


Countryside Alliance urges BBC to sack Chris Packham in conservation row

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Chris Packham has presented Springwatch and the Really Wild Show. […]

Petition Ban driven grouse shooting to protect the environment and protected birds like the Hen Harrier.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Grouse” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-18159″ ]Raptor Politics has nearly 4000 followers on twitter, we are asking each and everyone of our followers for your help protect our moorland ecosystems and birds of prey that use these regions to breed. This year there were only 6 successful breeding pairs of hen harriers in England brought […]

Chris Packham interviews George Monbiot & Jeremy Deller Amazing interviews with Chris Packham interviewing Monbiot and Jeremy Deller [Giant Hen Harrier carrying a range rover artist] Great clips ending with Hen Harrier. […]

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