North Yorkshire’s Shame, one of England’s worst counties for bird of prey persecution.

Persecution by poison of Red Kites reintroduced onto the Harewood estate near Harrogate in North Yorkshire are reported a “national disgrace.” as it emerges 14 Red Kites had been killed with deadly poisons. North Yorkshire has been named one of England’s worst counties for persecution in England and Wales since 1991, with the RSPB reporting […]

Online donations to boost reward for information about poisoned birds of prey

Red Kite (Alive) by Edward Felton

RSPB Scotland has set up a Just giving web page after being inundated by calls from members of the public asking to contribute to a reward for information about the deaths of 16 birds of prey.


Hungarian police arrest two hunters blamed for the deaths of rare raptors, including imperial eagles.

A few days ago, the Hungarian police arrested two hunters who are accused of being responsible for poisoning an imperial eagle, together with other wildlife offences. Poisoning of rare species of birds throughout many parts of Hungary for several years has now reached threatening dimensions. A new initiative has recently been established in co-operation with […]

White-tailed eagle recovers after being found poisoned on the banks of the river Danube.

The poisoned White-tailed eagle found poisoned on the Danube

At noon on a Thursday in February, the musician Andrei Dinescu was walking on the banks of Danube near Cetate in Southern Romania when he came across a huge raptor. The beautiful bird was alive but helpless, visibly suffering cramps and spasms […]

Who are the real vermin?

When a ‘right wing’ magazine (Country Life) publishes a story claiming that Buzzards are vermin you have to stop and ask if these people know anything about the countryside. Buzzards as well as Kites are nature’s way of cleaning the corpses of dead and decaying animals from our countryside, and given roads are now the […]

Four White-tailed eagles found poisoned inside the Czech Republic in the last two years.

A dead sea eagle, which is an endangered and protected species in the Czech Republic, was found on 13 January in the village monastery at Nepomuk in the Pilsen area close to the German border. Having examined the body local ornithologists suspect the eagle may have been poisoned. According to them, the bird […]

Christmas and New Year Greetings from the Raptor Politics Team.


Former gamekeeper denies killing and possessing dead birds

Stody Estate gamekeeper Allen Lambert arriving at King’s Lynn Magistrates. Picture: Matthew Usher.

A former Norfolk gamekeeper has pleaded guilty to keeping banned pesticides – but has denied killing and possessing dead birds. During a hearing at King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Allen Charles Lambert confessed to storing mevinphos and aldicarb […]

More vultures found poisoned in the Eastern Cape Yesterday.


Griffon Poison Information Centre Director: Dr Gerhard H Verdoorn

Poisoning incidents like this are becoming a very common occurrence in South Africa, something must be done to bring this barbaric practice to an end.


South Scotland gamekeeper Peter Bell admits buzzard poisoning

Bell admitted poisoning a buzzard in southern Scotland last year A gamekeeper from southern Scotland has been fined more than £4,000 for poisoning a buzzard and possessing illegal pesticides. Peter Bell, 62, of Newton Stewart, admitted four contraventions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Bell committed the poisoning offence by lacing a pheasant carcass […]