Shot Cumbrian Peregrine found at same location as dead Hen Harrier

Walkers managed to find a dead Peregrine Falcon by a footpath at Newbiggin next to Croglin estate where numerous birds of prey have previously gone missing. Amazingly the dead Peregrine was found close to where a BTO ringed Hen Harrier was also found. The Harrier had flown all the way from the Isle of […]

What Now For Langholm?

The announcement of the end of this second trial on the 29,000 acres of Langholm Moor will be a surprise to many but not to those who have kept a close eye on procedures over the last 30 years or more. By stopping the keepering they are suggesting they already know the […]

Time for a court case!

The final elimination of the Hen Harriers from the uplands of northern England following a ruthless campaign of extermination to safeguard red grouse stocks have left very little to help the raptor worker, and not much hope that England and even large parts of Scotland will see breeding Hen Harriers next year. The conservation […]

The Vicarious Liability e-petition comes to an end.

Some of you may have already noticed that the e-petition calling for the law of Vicarious Liability in England has now closed. The total signatures were just 10,904. As soon as the e petition ended, the RSPB launched their own campaign asking the public for money to protect Birds of Prey!!! Can any one […]

Black Grouse needs more investment from land owners says conservationist in order to preserve their numbers.

Land owner Patrick Laurie claims that Black Grouse would benefit from investment by the shooting community. However we are sure Mr Laurie must already realise that in particular most Red Grouse moor owners go out of their way to destroy these birds already as they regard the Black Grouse as a bird that can cause […]