20 environmental organisations call for the beaver to come home in Scotland

The group, which represents over a quarter of a million members, see beavers as a missing element in Scottish biodiversity, believing it is both ecologically and morally right to restore this keystone species. The group claims that the majority of Scotland’s people are ready and willing to live alongside beavers once again and that […]

Natural England approves trial release of beavers in Devon

Natural England has decided that a licence will be issued to Devon Wildlife Trust permitting the managed release into the wild of beavers on a 5 year trial basis.

Natural England’s Board has today, Wednesday 28 January, confirmed that a licence will be issued to Devon Wildlife Trust, permitting the managed […]

Beavers are mysteriously back in Britain – will this be another species Natural England will not welcome?

Tom Buckley was overjoyed. Earlier this year the retired environmental scientist proudly documented the first family of beavers living wild in England since the species was hunted to near extinction in Britain several hundred years ago—a discovery that came almost by accident.