Maintenance Finished!

The Facebook integration is now fully working so everyone can stay up to date with latest news and posts via News Feed in real time, and I am glad to announce the site is now even more secure than it has ever been!

We will soon be integrating twitter as-well!

Once again, thanks for your […]

Site Maintenance

We are undergoing heavy maintenance which explains the short downtime we have had. We do not expect anymore downtime but if we do have anymore downtime it should be imminent and will only last shortly.


Thanks for your patience.



Do as we say – not as we do …

Word on the street is that Natural England are concerned about the duplication of peregrine nest visits in the Bowland area last year, and are considering modifying conditions of licenses held by the local raptor group this year in ways that, if the rumours are true, run counter to reason and logic.

Peregrine coordinator for […]

A word of advice …

[singlepic id=276 w=200 h=200 float=left] … to those of you using your employers email systems to correspond with Raptor Politics: in so doing you incur liabilities on your employer under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts. If we don’t like what you write then requests will be made – have your explanations ready! […]

Eagle Owl Cull- Responce from Mr. Richard Benyon MP, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment

[singlepic id=148 w=320 h=240 float=left]Chrissie Harper says, I have just received this Message on Facebook from Mr. Richard Benyon MP, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, which I have decided in the interests of truth to post below. My reply back to the Minister is also enclosed at the end of the comments from […]