US Pesticide Manufacturer Contests EPA Decision to Ban 12 d-CON Products

US Pesticide manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser yesterday formally appealed the January 30 action by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seeking a federal ban on the sale of 12 d-CON mouse and rat poison products.


Not all Doom & Gloom

When the National Gamekeeper’s Association starts getting all angsty about something, it’s worth looking at more closely and that is just what happened last week as they issued a call for the temporary ban on the use of second generation rat baits away from buildings, introduced by HSE , to be reversed.


Irish Red Kite Spring Update by Dr. Mark Ruddock

The autumn and winter has required a lot of fieldwork and also a large amount of data entry, reports and funding claims to compile ? unfortunately it’s not all about watching kites and sometimes we have to do some ‘real’ work! We are extremely grateful to our all project funders and the support from the […]

Ninth Irish red kite confirmed poisoned

A ninth Irish red kite has been found dead from illegal poisoning, Irish park rangers have said. The breeding female bird, which had been nesting on a farm near Redcross, Co Wicklow, was found near Brittas Bay late last year. It is the latest red kite confirmed to have been killed by poison in the […]

Owls Killed by Rat Poison in South Africa, Southern Ireland and Scotland.

In August 2010 Raptor Politics reported on the deaths of 10 red kites all found poisoned on Scotland’s Black Isle resulting from secondary poisoning caused by Rodenticide (rat poison) read the full account here. Following the successful release of red kites during last summer in Dublin and Wicklow, we also report further recent kite deaths […]