For Sale: But What is happening at Langholm!!

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It is few years ago that the 10 year Langholm project came to an end [2017 – ]

This left a pocket of money not spent due to all the 5 estate game keepers being removed from their jobs a year earlier. Come 2019 and still the Game Conservancy [They want you to use their new name which includes the word conservation!!] is still active and doing things with that public money!! Reports suggest that evil work like spraying which can contaminate water courses, secret surveys which of course will not be scientific and re seeding heather are all being undertaken.

The moorland in question is now up for sale and it is hoped a community ‘buy out’ is on the cards and if so it makes this work even more suspicious!
Lets give the good news – 14 Hen Harriers fledged from 3 broods from 3 pairs.
Now the bad news – 14 fledged Hen Harriers were not satellite tagged to discover where they were disappearing, presumed killed!!
Bird watchers from across the country flock to Langholm each season the watch and photograph the Hen Harriers flying across this important moor.
Would that SPARE MONEY have been better spent on tagging these young??
Or is SNH still working with local land owners to keep their RED GROUSE moors open for business??
What ever the answer to these questions there seems to be yet a BIG STINK hanging over Langholm, and until a ‘BUY OUT’ the area is threatened by the very people who should be protecting it!!
The following statement was this morning 22nd July received from Des Thompson Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).  “I’m not sure we are spending any money at Langholm now. The report on the project work is close to completion, and for us that will be the end of it!”

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