Chris Packham interviews Grouse Moor Employee

Chris Packham interviews a grouse moor employee to discover what really goes on behind the heather. An actor is used to protect the identity of the interviewee – but reads directly from a transcript so the conversation is fully accurate.

2 comments to Chris Packham interviews Grouse Moor Employee

  • John Miles

    How many years have we being informing the above about the tax free ‘back hands’ in shooting!Wake up Chris. It is the main reason for killing Birds of Prey.

  • If genuine, which I think it is, this interview is further confirmation of
    the pernicious behaviour of certain sporting agents. Providing a valued service,to a point,their profession as a whole is being dragged through the peat by certain high profile individuals,whose actions are beginning to have an effect far beyond the estates they manage.

    I think it was Guy Shorrock, who declared that their ranks included the number one wildlife criminal in the UK?…,his opinion, not necessarily mine.

    Incidentally Mr Miles, the untaxed bonuses do not always move down the ladder,in fair reflection of the work put in !.

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