A third Buzzard found dead in west Lancashire in last two years.

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The dead Buzzard removed from a hedge in west Lancashire Friday 9/02/2018

A chance discovery made last Friday by a member of the North West Raptor Group led to the location of a third dead Buzzard in the same general area near Preston where, in the last 3 years, two additional dead Buzzards had been recovered in suspicious circumstances. The female Buzzard discovered on Friday afternoon weighing one kilo. The dead Buzzard was found hanging from a branch in the upper reaches of a hedge on the side of a minor road a few miles from the Springfields Works at Solwick near Preston.

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An X-Ray of the corpse quickly established the Buzzard had not been shot. Vets who examined the corpse at the Veterinary Health Centre in St Annes Lancashire confirmed the Buzzard had been in very good condition before its untimely death.

Arrangements have now been made with the Wildlife Crime Officer for Lancashire to hand the dead Buzzard to an officer from Lancashire Constabulary tomorrow Tuesday 13/02/2018. It has been agreed the police will arrange to send the corpse for toxicology tests to check if poison may have been a cause of the birds death.


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