When age does not matter – 48 years old bearded vulture is still breeding

Vultures are long lived birds, and in captivity some birds may reach a very respectable age, around 50 years. Now, a 48-year-old male in the bearded vulture captive breeding networks is breeding – with a new mate too.

The pair is in Prag zoo, but it is breeding for the first time. The male is at least 48 years old, and was put together with a younger female (27 years old) in 2015 – they have now laid eggs for the first time! Although the quality of the eggs of this female are very bad (small eggs), they may succeed – in 2012 we could obtain a chick from this female with another male. Even if the egg is not fertile, we will use them as foster pair – both birds have reared with success several chicks in the past.

This news was first published by the Vulture Conservation Foundation February 2018


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