Top stories from 2017 from the Vulture Conservation Foundation.



Some of the stories captured the imagination of our supporters and followers more than others – below you will find the three that gathered more interest. A wandering bearded vulture in northern Europe, the spectacular aerial display of fighting bearded vultures in the Alps and the story of some griffon vultures killed by hunters in Armenia proved particularly popular

Dutch birders get Lucky! Bearded vulture released in Austria last year delights birdwatchers across the Netherlands – May 2017

Spectacular aerial dual between bearded vultures in the French Alps ends up with one dead – April 2017

Killing of griffon vultures in Armenia – October 2017

PS – incidentally the VCF heard subsequently that these hunters were later charged a fine by the relevant authorities due to this grave crime

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Photos: Stephan Gomes, Denis Attinault

This 2017 update was first published by the Vulture Conservation Foundation January 2018

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