More discarded game birds discovered dumped after being shot, this time near Sheffield

Last evening we received the following images and detail showing more corpses of shot game birds including 2 pheasants and 3 duck which had been dumped and discarded behind a stone wall. What makes this discovery all the more abhorrent is the fact that after each of the birds had been shot the breast meat was cut away and removed before the corpses where simply thrown away and discarded. The dead birds were found adjacent to Ronksley Lane, Sheffield S6 6GH.



On this occasion it would in our opinion be difficult for anyone from the game shooting industry or elsewhere to support what has taken place here. Yes the breast meat has been removed and possibly taken away to be eaten, but on the other hand there is no excuse to discard the dead bodies of these birds in this disgraceful and inappropriate manner. This portrays the callous and uncaring attitude by some who call what they do as sport.



Looking at the discarded and unwanted bodies of these birds, we would ask Natural England to consider carefully the underlying tragedy taking place here before issuing any more licenses allowing anyone to kill Buzzards to protect what is after all is an alien introduced species.

2 comments to More discarded game birds discovered dumped after being shot, this time near Sheffield

  • Trapit

    A case of thoughtless disposal,rather than dumping.
    It is disrespectful to the birds, and portrays a bad image of shooting.

  • david holden

    I think it is poor that after removal of the breast meat the remains are just dumped a sort of fly tipping. As a deer stalker I am left with a lot of bits after the deer are sold but the heart ,liver and kidneys go in the dog food if no one wants them. I also place some in the field beside the house and get some great photos of buzzards from the comfort of the living room. As we are in a remote area we can do this without upsetting anyone. The remains of the birds in the picture will be food for carrion eaters like buzzards , kites and ravens if left in suitable locations and are probably better feed for kites than out of date Tesco chicken portions favoured by the kite feeding stations. I am in no way defending the dumping of these remains but they are food for a lot of other animals and will be broken down and returned to the nutrient cycle. A large part of the Winter diet of the golden eagles on Mull is carrion and thankfully we are spared the disposal schemes for fallen livestock imposed on the mainland though I suspect this derogation was more due to CalMac not wanting lorries of honking dead things on their boats than any concern for the eagles.