Famous UK millionaire potter distorts true facts on barn owl decline

Emma Bridgewater is a famous potter who has made £millions often using British bird images on mugs pots and other ceramics she produces.



She has now moved out to calendars with one in particular concentrating on the countryside and giving you ideas what to do each month.


Contained in the December 2016 calendar you are asked to build a Barn Owl box for this declining species. Sadly the information given is what we now expect from people who hate Birds of Prey and the information they give us stopping dangerous chemicals entering the human food chain like DDT. Cancers are ripe in the world now due to the agricultural industry taking risks but it is alright to destroy native birds and fill the countryside with non native ones to help the minority to enjoy the countryside.

Apparently Buzzards are to blame for the decline of Barn Owls!! What is amazing is that Barn Owls hunt at night while Buzzards hunt in the day time. But surely the fact that Buzzards are expanding means that others suffer? Well the main food of Buzzards are rabbits which are expanding due to ‘Global Warming’ and the removal of their predators especially Weasels, Stoats, Foxes and Polecats means that the rabbit can continue their £200 million per year destruction of agricultural, horticultural and private gardens!

The information for building a box to help breeding Barn Owls is a positive step but given the species is a Schedule 1 looking inside at the young needs a license! This was not pointed out but it was OK to blame the Buzzard for killing them even though they hunt at different times of the day!

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