Ban Driven Grouse Shooting: Terry Pickford’s letter to Mark Menzies MP., together with the MP’s Response.

We have provided below a copy of Terry Pickford’s correspondence, in respect to the debate 31 October  calling for a ban on Driven Grouse Shooting, sent to his Member of Parliament Mark Menzies. We have also attached Mark Menzies response to the questions Terry Pickford asked. As you can see from the MP’s reply below, not surprisingly, Mark Menzies avoided addressing any of the questions he was asked.
Hi Mark,
I have been very disappointed at your none reply to previous correspondence on this important matter. I sincerely hope this time as my MP you will try a little harder replying to me before 31 October?
22 October 2016
  • I have written to you before on the subject of banning driven grouse shooting. That proposition is being debated in a Westminster Hall debate on 31 October starting at 16:30. I hope you will attend if you will represent my views. If you cannot represent my views then please ensure that you pass these on to DEFRA minister Therese Coffey who, I assume, will close the debate for the government.
  • the government response to driven grouse shooting has been very complacent.  There is a range of issues which need addressing but the most urgent of these is wildlife crime directed against birds of prey such as Hen Harriers, Peregrine Falcons etc (see written evidence here).
  • the status quo is unacceptable. What is government going to do to tackle this issue? What initiative will Therese Coffey produce on 31 October? Unless government produces something impressive then I can see this issue being a thorn in the side of the government and the Conservative Party for many years.
  • there is much more that I could write on this subject (about flood risk, greenhouse gas emissions, killing of Mountain Hares, damage to blanket bogs etc etc etc) but this government needs to address the epidemic of wildlife crime associated with driven grouse shooting as a matter of urgency – in fact on 31 October.
  • my preference is for a ban of this activity which has resulted in the disappearance of all breeding peregrines (18 pairs), and the loss of all nesting hen harriers (7) pairs from the Forest of Bowland , perhaps you are already aware of this tragedy and will now be prepared to do the right thing. Please attend the debate on 31 October to represent my wishes .
Yours truly,
Terry Pickford

7 comments to Ban Driven Grouse Shooting: Terry Pickford’s letter to Mark Menzies MP., together with the MP’s Response.

  • Skydancer

    What a typical response that is, saying all the usual lines, “good for the rural economy , good land management etc ” he is obviously not interested in a ban on driven grouse shooting.

  • Steve Jennings

    He never even answered the question asked of him! He obviously feels very secure in his position or is very foolish. We will win this battle. It may take some time but if we keep shining the light on the criminality going on in our countryside, we cannot lose.

  • Thorbjorn Odinsberg

    The standard tory response and it is complacent crap they haven’t a bloody clue.

  • Circus maxima

    What a vacuous, superficial and patronising response.
    Where do you start to challenge that drivel?

  • I can not for the life of me understand how these People get voted in to the Government, with the finding of the sat tgged now desceased HenHarrier Rowen we shall wait and see.

  • Albert Ross

    What else did you expect from a politician of any persuasion? Self serving people are no different anywhere. Whilst his words that shooting is good for the rural economy do stand scrutiny to the extent that it does provide a living what they miss out on is that the economy need not suffer just because existing protection laws are observed and enforced where necessary with the police doing the job they are paid to do.
    Time to up the ante on the 12th.

  • Mark Farrar

    The letter from Mark Menzies,he doesn’t answer the questions.No mention of attending the debate.He supports and applauds the work by the gamekeepers and supports BASC.He is very biased and prejudiced in his comments.He comes across as being ignorant to the debate and reason.He is ignoring the facts and strong evidence of wildlife crime having been committed.We now know which corner Mr Menzies is in regarding the debate.

    Editor’s Comment. Mark Menzies is following the established conservative party doctrine,
    Tory MP’s appear to care very little for our wildlife and seem to support game shooting in all the sports attributes. This strategy is abundantly clear on grouse moors, very soon all moorland where red grouse are shot will become ‘raptor free zones’ just like the Forest of Bowland.