Driven Grouse Shooting: Parliamentary Debate: Submission of Evidence

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee and Petitions Committee:

TUESDAY 18 OCTOBER 2016 2:15pm

To watch this live from 2.15 pm Tuesday 18 th October via your PC, go to, then click Event Guide at the top of the page. Select (Tues 18 October), move across the page until you reach 2.00 – 3.00 pm, then move down the page to the line PARLIAMENT 6, click on the (i) ‘Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee, Wilson Room.’   Then click PLAY.

  1. Subject: Grouse Shooting

  2. Witnesses: Dr Mark Avery, petition creator, and Jeff Knott, Head of Nature Policy, RSPB

  3. Witnesses: Amanda Anderson, Director, The Moorland Association, and Liam Stokes, Head of Shooting, The Countryside Alliance

2 comments to Driven Grouse Shooting: Parliamentary Debate: Submission of Evidence

  • Mark Farrar

    If the Government don’t ban driven grouse shooting then they should seriously consider alternatives. Introducing the Vicarious Liability Law in England and Wales with the added benefit of licensed grouse shooting on estates which should be monitored.

    SSI areas and nesting locations of Peregrine and Hen Harrier to be protected with the Law being enforced for preventing further persecution. When persecution has occurred on any estate the license for grouse shooting should be revoked.

    The grouse moors could become a National Park with the Gamekeepers and estate owners taking responsibility for managing the grouse moor and meeting the necessary standards set by the government and this to should be regularly monitored.

    Allowing Hydro electricity wind turbines in designated areas outlined by ornithologists, scientists,conservationists RPG and the RSPB together with enforcing the open access on land which is not SSI and doesn’t disturb Schedule 1 nesting birds could generate an income for the government.If the government ban driven grouse shooting then allow them to practise license walk up grouse shooting together with the enforcement of the vicarious liability law.

  • top heavy with Cons and chris davies NFU and CA. Simon hart ex CA Chief Exec and given £30,000 a year by the CA whilst sitting of Environment Committee. Liam Stokes . CA member…plus at least 3 more Cons
    shame on the RSPB bloke saying its ok to shoot some birds.