Research Urban Peregrines hunt at night

New information, published in the Journal of Raptor Research, suggests that Peregrines may be using city lights to hunt and feed their young at night.


Another good year for Pallid Harrier-how many will be killed on Red Grouse Moors?

Male Pallid Harrier: Just how secure will these birds be when entering Red Grouse Moors?

The raptor migration hot spot at Falsterbo, on the south-western tip of Sweden, is having another great year for Pallid Harriers with 10 seen this week alone and 40 for the autumn […]

Covering up bird mortality at wind farms

PRESS RELEASE 12-13 September 2016

Hiding evidence of the massacre

News of bird and bat deaths at wind farms have reduced to a trickle. Does that mean that a solution has been found? Yes, it has, but it’s not what you think. Wind turbines are every year more […]

Forest of Bowland, OnLine Art Auction, Images of Lucky Winner Admiring his Print.

We apologise for our delay in posting images as promised of the lucky winner of our Hen Harrier Day online art auction. But at long last we have received two images we are proud to publish of the winner, Mr Frank Williams of Coleford in Gloucestershire admiring his Peregrine print aptly titled ‘Double Trouble.’ The […]

Update from Natural England: Buzzard licensing applications

Natural England recently issued a licence permitting the control of up to 10 buzzards to prevent serious damage to young pheasants.

Natural England is committed to being as open and transparent about its licensing decisions as it can be and the documents relating to that decision are published below. Certain information has to […]

Did you know that you subsidise grouse shooting from the tax you pay

Your taxes help to pay for driven grouse shooting. Please sign the petition below to ban driven grouse shooting, which you subsidise through the taxes you pay.

The Bowland Grouse Moor Tragedy by Terry Pickford

Yesterday the 8th September began as just a normal day for Terry Pickford and a film cameraman on their visit to heather moorland in the Forest of Bowland. Terry was filmed talking about this years appalling loss of Hen Harriers and Peregrines from the Bowland despite their protected status. Terry explained why in his opinion […]

192 black vultures fledged from nests in Andalucía (Spain) – the second best result ever since 1970!


The results of the Andalucía action plan for the conservation of the black vulture were made public this weekend by the regional government of Andalucía, in the framework of the celebrations of the International Vulture Awareness Day.



Press Release: The Irish Golden Eagle Trust

This summer the Golden Eagle Trust are overjoyed to announce the confirmed successful fledging of young red kites in Fingal. Two nests are now confirmed to have fledged a total of three chicks in 2016 in Fingal.


Three captive-bred Egyptian vultures fledged successfully from their hacking cavity in Bulgaria

Just a few days after the first flight of the juvenile of the only wild pair of Egyptian vulture left in the region of Lomovete (NE Bulgaria), the hack of the three captive-bred fledglings that were earlier transported to Bulgaria to be released there was finally opened last week.