More Golden Eagles Planned for reintroduction into South Scotland

golden-eagle-projectThis is a new project to help boost numbers of Golden Eagles in the South of Scotland. Launched in August 2015, we are very grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for major funding to develop the work.

The 2014 report published by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) found that Southern Scotland could potentially support up to 16 eagle pairs. Presently, there are no more than 2 to 4 pairs, with limited nesting success.

Golden Eagle Head-1

Following an approach by Scottish Land & Estates, RSPB Scotland and Buccleuch Estates to the Scottish Government, a partnership has been formed with SNH and Forestry Commission Scotland to take the work forward. The partnership is currently looking to involve a wide range of stakeholders, and we have launched a public consultation.

The initiative has the support of Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Roseanna Cunningham MSP, who said:


“The Golden Eagle is a truly magnificent bird and is one of Scotland’s most iconic species. This project aims to boost the population of eagles in the south of Scotland and I heartily welcome the Heritage Lottery Fund support to help achieve this. We know that the area could potentially support more than a dozen pairs of eagles, which offers tremendous opportunities for wildlife tourism and biodiversity. I’m especially pleased to see such strong partnership work to hopefully make Golden Eagles a regular sight in the skies above the South of Scotland once again.”

Golden Eagle Strathspey, C/R Terry Pickford

This is what Mark Oddy, Chairman had to say.

“A revived population of Golden Eagles offers wonderful opportunities for tourism and wider benefits for the south of Scotland. And of course, it would be thrilling to see more golden eagles in this wonderful part of Scotland.”

 Douglas McAdam, Chief Executive of Scottish Land & Estates, welcomed the new project: “This project began as a collaboration between Scottish Land & Estates and RSPB Scotland when we agreed to work together to try and understand what as limiting the Golden Eagle in the South of Scotland. With Heritage Lottery Funding now awarded, the Development Phase of the project can progress and we look forward to working with our partners, and our member estates who will be an important factor in helping to increase the number of golden eagles in the South of Scotland.”


Duncan Orr-Ewing from RSPB Scotland said: “We’re delighted by the support for this important project from the Heritage Lottery Fund and to be working in partnership with Scottish Land & Estates, Buccleuch Estates, SNH and Forestry Commission Scotland. Golden eagles are one of Scotland’s most iconic species and it’s wonderful that this project will help reinforce their population in the south of Scotland, contributing to the delivery of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy, and also meaning that more of these birds will be returning to their historical ranges in this part of the country. We look forward to progressing this project further with the partnership and seeing golden eagles thrive here in the future.”

Colin Edwards, Environment and Biodiversity Advisor with Forestry Commission Scotland added:
“The golden eagle is often viewed as a classic symbol of all things wild and natural. It is a magnificent bird with an impressive wingspan – and is quite unmistakeable. Historically, golden eagles bred throughout much of upland Britain, so we are pleased to play our part in this project and help re-establish eagles in the south of Scotland, especially if it helps bring increased tourism benefits to the local economy.”


Roy Dennis, a World expert on raptor reintroductions and a member of the National Species Reintroduction Forum for Scotland, said “Golden Eagle recovery in Southern Scotland is an essential part of large ecosystem restoration and I congratulate the Minister on this exciting and important initiative, and wish the project all success.”

Dr Cat Barlow has been appointed as project manager to take the work forward. A project team is being formed. The team will focus on further assessing the viability of the golden eagle population, and identifying areas/sites and management measures which could benefit the birds. As the population is so small, we may need to bring young eagles into the area for release, using techniques well tested elsewhere.

Guided by the Scottish Code for Conservation Translocations, the team will undertake a formal assessment of habitat and other management measures to reinforce the population.

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For further information please contact:
Project Manager: Dr Cat Barlow
South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project
C/o The Langholm Initiative
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