Peregrine Falcon Persecution – Driven Grouse Shooting

Terry Pickford, Regional Coordinator North West Raptor Group explains in this short video the reason why he believes so many historic Peregrine Falcon territories located just a few miles outside Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland rarely suffer from persecution and are therefore successful most years.

Terry goes on to explain that after visiting 4 such Peregrine territories he was delighted to discover all 4 sites had been occupied and had fledged their 11 chicks successfully this week.

The disappearance of Peregrines and Hen Harriers from Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland this season according Terry is an unprecedented situation and has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather or a shortage of food as some would have us all believe. He also says the weather conditions inside the Forest of Bowland are generally no different  from conditions at those nest sites situated 3 to 5 miles distance from the Forest of Bowland.

The prey availability for both Peregrine and Hen Harrier inside Bowland is maintained by plentiful stocks of game-birds, including red grouse, pheasant and partridge along with duck, woodcock and pigeon, a McDonald’s on tap so to speak. On the other-hand outside of the Bowland boundary only limited numbers of these potential prey items would be available, the red grouse would be excluded all together.

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  • Trapit

    An interesting twist on Bowland,from the outside looking in. Amazing how birds can rear such good broods in such a wet spring outside Bowland,when according to some authorities it prevents them even attempting once they cross the invisible line and enter the forest itself.The same goes for that crap about food shortages. How about inviting Duncan Thomas to post a video giving his spin on the subject.