Terry Pickford tells it how it is: Guest blog on Mark Avery’s site

Mark Avery’s guest blog today is “Bowland and its lack of raptors” by Terry Pickford. Terry tells it how it is in Bowland today:

Banning driven grouse shooting in England is in my opinion the best platform from which to engage with the wider public, who so far know very little or nothing about the Hen Harrier or their continued persecution on grouse moors by gamekeepers. This position must change soon if we are to win this war, because unless you haven’t noticed we are losing the battle. The Hen Harrier and Peregrine are two raptors which are conspicuous on grouse moors in northern England by their almost total absence from these managed areas, a situation I regard as an unacceptable outrage and embarrassment to our country.

Read the full article on Mark’s blog.

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