Raptor Politics under sustained cyber attacks for publishing the truth

Important Notification to our thousands of supporters. 

Beginning at midnight last evening 14/04/2016, there have been 1200 attempt to hack into Raptor Politics. The IP addresses were from all over the world. This in our view support the fact that what we are saying about raptor persecution is hurting specific groups and individuals.

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5 comments to Raptor Politics under sustained cyber attacks for publishing the truth

  • Bubo bubo

    Keep up the great work publishing the truth nobody else will

  • Julie Wright

    The truth is out there!

  • Steve Albaya

    keep going keep fighting keep telling it as it is -and keep on top of your security–they are clearly on the run

  • Bird lover & concerned U.U. customer!

    Fight the good Fight and never give up guys. You are doing a Sterling job and without the likes of you guys, I for one would never have known about the continual persecution and the disgraceful decision to remove licences that you guys have held for decades, to watch over all known and suspected breeding territories of the Raptors in Bowland. I believe that a meeting between you guys and R.S.P.B. Wardens, could possibly bring about some form of agreement, which would surely be of mutual benefit.? I hold my hands up to not knowing what the politics are, which seemingly prevent this.? Regardless, keep bringing the Truth to the masses.

  • Percy Stanbury

    Very interesting article in Daily Mail on Eagle Owls and Bowland is mentioned. It appears the activities of the “stalwarts” Bills are now reaching mainstream press? Repeated disturbances, playing of mating calls to trick the EO into displaying, bumbling around beating heather in Costy and all under the “management” of local RSPB? We wonder what may happen when “glove-gate” hits the fan?