Cruel Game – The Truth Behind Pheasant Shooting

This new film reveals the cruel truth behind the life cycle of the pheasant – a non-native bird raised to be killed for sport.

‘Cruel Game’ shows young birds, bred in their millions in Europe for British shooting estates, struggling in a futile attempt to escape barren breeding cages. They are mutilated with ‘bits’ forced into their nostrils to stop them injuring other birds, and are finally shot and injured with legs or wings broken left to die a drawn-out death. Those injured birds that are recovered alive then have their necks broken.

The video has been released to coincide with the start of the pheasant shooting season on 1st October, and is in response to the UK government’s (Defra) report on game bird breeding, which the League believes seriously downplays the birds’ suffering.

5 comments to Cruel Game – The Truth Behind Pheasant Shooting

  • nirofo

    40 million plus Pheasants are reared and released into the UK countryside every year, (yes, 40 million Plus every year). They crash into and damage cars in their thousands, they take enormous amounts of food and nesting sites that indigenous wildlife could have used. The shooting estate owners don’t care about this they are far more interested in the measly few Pheasants that are taken as food by the legally protected birds of prey, they want to kill the Buzzards, Goshawks, peregrines and Sparrowhawks because they think that anything with a hooked beak or talon that threatens their birds should be killed. They treat the Pheasant as a sacred semi tame bird reared especially for them to shoot in their thousands like goldfish in a bowl. If you were a bird of prey and you saw as much food as you could ever want put out on a plate for you wouldn’t you want to take some of it. Unfortunately the greed and criminality of many of the shooting estates and their gamekeepers don’t want these birds to have any, so what do they do, they illegally shoot, poison and trap them. Doesn’t make sense does it, time to stop it !!!

  • Belinda

    Yes, these are the people who refer to themselves as the guardians of the countryside.
    Guardians of the interests of idiots who kill things for fun and guardians of their bulging bank accounts.

  • All these released pheasants will take pressure of our indigenous wildlife they are taken by buzzards peregrines goshawks and the imported fox they was brought in from alot of europen counties for foxhunters years ago.

    • Belinda

      What nonsense.
      Buzzards, peregrines, goshawks and other raptors are regarded by estate owners as vermin that eat into their profits.
      They have consequently been shot, poisoned and trapped to the edge of extinction by these nature lovers. So too have the golden eagle, the hen harrier, the otter, the lynx (gone), the wildcat and the marten. All slaughtered either to ‘protect’ pheasant and grouse shoots or just for a bit of harmless fun.
      The red fox is a mammal native to the UK and was not ‘brought in’.
      On the contrary it was exported to countries like Australia in the 1800’s to provide ‘sport’ for these bloodthirsty colonial buffoons and has since become a pest as many foreign native species are unadapted to this alien predator.

  • Belinda what nonsense you are right the fox is a mammal native to the UK, but they was still ‘brought in from all over europen provide ‘sport’they was spread around the UK ON THE NEW railways. do you think the fox and the mink need controlling.