An unusual incident between a peregrine and a hobby off the coast of Sweden

10 September 2015:

During an afternoon walk in the Falsterbo park which is located on a small island on the eastern side of Sweden,  ringers Marc Illa and Josefina Pehrson suddenly heard screaming falcons behind them. In the next moment a Peregrine Falcon and a Hobby come tumbling from the sky towards the ground, their talons locked to each other and finally crashing onto the ground some 30 meters away from where the two ringers were watching this unusual spectacle. Marc and Josefina were standing almost paralysed for a few seconds, then the “ringer’s instinct” awoke! They both rushed towards the falcons, which were still locked to each other, unable to fly away and – they were caught!

The Peregrine (1cy male) had a strong grip on the thigh of the Hobby (also 1cy) and it took a few minutes for the two ringers to separate the two birds. The Hobby got away with “only a scratch” and both falcons could be ringed at the station. The Peregrine was the first ever ringed at Falsterbo.

The Hobby was released first and when it had disappeared into the shadows of the trees the Peregrine was released too.

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