Images of Wildlife Slaughter, captured on Grouse Moors. Dozens of reason why Driven Grouse Shooting must be banned.

If anyone was unsure where they stood about banning driven grouse shooting in England, examine the two composite images below which may just change your mind if you had any doubts. The two images portray trapped, shot and poisoned animals and birds of prey all killed to protect game stocks which are bred and released […]

The Cumbrian News are running a readers poll to determine who would like to see Driven Grouse Shooting Banned

This week the Cumrian News, a local newspaper serving the people of Cumbria launched a readers poll to find out who and who would not would like to see all Driven Grouse Shooting in England banned. As of this morning Sunday 23rd August the poll is 70% to ban and 24% against. If you would […]

Six shooting organisations join together to force the implementation of a plan for hen harrier recovery in England.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, CLA, Countryside Alliance, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and the Moorland Association are attempting to persuade DEFRA to implement draft proposals for a hen harrier recovery plan without the consensual agreement of the RSPB or any additional conservation organisations with an […]

Buzzard with injuries in right wing found in Cheshire. Not shot

The injured buzzard found this morning in Cheshire with suspected gun shot injuries.

The buzzard presumed to have been shot recovered from undergrowth next to a field in Hale Barns Cheshire this morning was definitely not shot test have now revealed . The bird was captured by ACO Bradshaw from […]

Glorious Grouse – Time to Think About the Bird, Not the ‘Game’

There have been many column inches devoted to red grouse over the last week – or rather where to shoot them, how to cook them, who’s selling them and why some think it’s all quite inglorious – but precious little has been said about the birds themselves. And that’s a travesty, because our native red […]

Another Buzzard found shot by a shotgun in the Scottish borders

A post-mortem examination has revealed that a buzzard that died in the Borders was killed by a shotgun.

The wounded buzzard was found at the side of the road between Heriot and Innerleithen on 24 July by a member of the public who took the bird to a vet for […]

Kestrel attacks Barn owl, unbelievable images caught on camera

Get your own lunch! Incredible pictures show barn owl fighting off hungry kestrel’s mid-air swoop to snatch the vole he has caught. This incredible collection of images shows the moment a barn owl and kestrel became entangled in a mid-air fight over a vole taken by the barn owl.

Perched on top of a fence, […]

Police Scotland to train 100 extra Wildlife Officers to tackle wildlife crime

Police Scotland said a new advanced training course will see it have a network of more than 100 extra wildlife crime liaison officers across its 14 divisions. The course will take place next month. A specialist wildlife crime co-ordinator has also been appointed to a new post created in the Highland […]

California condor: Shock therapy helping to bring rare vulture back from the brink

The California Condor have developed an unfortunate habit of flying into power cables Shock therapy may be closely associated with the psychiatric treatment of humans but a version of the technique is being used to help bring the California condor back from intensive care. North America’s population of its biggest raptor […]

At least six black vultures found dead near waste treatment plant in central Spain


In the last days of July the conservation NGO “Colectivo Azálvaro” have found at least 6 black vultures dead near the waste treatment plant ETRSU de Urraca Miguel, near Ávila.

The vultures were found dead in a period of less than a week, and some were in an advanced state of decomposition. Although […]