Another Buzzard found shot by a shotgun in the Scottish borders

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A post-mortem examination has revealed that a buzzard that died in the Borders was killed by a shotgun.

The wounded buzzard was found at the side of the road between Heriot and Innerleithen on 24 July by a member of the public who took […]

Kestrel attacks Barn owl, unbelievable images caught on camera

Get your own lunch! Incredible pictures show barn owl fighting off hungry kestrel’s mid-air swoop to snatch the vole he has caught. This incredible collection of images shows the moment a barn owl and kestrel became entangled in a mid-air fight over a vole taken by the barn owl.

Perched on top of a fence, […]

Police Scotland to train 100 extra Wildlife Officers to tackle wildlife crime

[airesizeimg src=”$-150×150$.jpg” alt=”3822499611″ class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-18539″ ] Police Scotland said a new advanced training course will see it have a network of more than 100 extra wildlife crime liaison officers across its 14 divisions. The course will take place next month. A specialist wildlife crime co-ordinator has also been appointed to a […]

California condor: Shock therapy helping to bring rare vulture back from the brink

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The California Condor have developed an unfortunate habit of flying into power cables Shock therapy may be closely associated with the psychiatric treatment of humans but a version of the technique is being used to help bring the California condor back from intensive care. North […]