RSPB Staff member Bungee Jumps to save the Hen Harrier in Bowland

On Saturday 8 August, a young RSPB staff member Jenn Lane will be doing her bit for the hen harrier by doing a bungee jump to raise money for harriers in Bowland. Here she explains why.

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Jennifer Lane will be taking a Bungee Jump for the Hen Harrier

Ever since I heard about the plight of the hen harrier, I’ve been keen to do my bit. My day job for the RSPB is working as an administrator in our Lancaster office, however, every year we get the chance to volunteer for a day elsewhere in the organisation. In June I used this opportunity to take part in a hen harrier nest watch in Bowland. Following the disappearances of four males from active nests, I was protecting the last remaining one in the area.

Seeing the pair hunt against the hillside was a moving experience and I realised the full extent of what these birds are up against. I decided I really wanted to raise the profile of this wonderful bird and what better way to do it than jumping 300ft through the air.

The RSPB is doing all it can to help the hen harrier breed successfully and thrive once again in the face of so many obstacles.

Please donate to my JustGiving page today and help save hen harriers from the brink of extinction.

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