On a wing and a prayer by Sarah Woods a review by John Miles

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This book was written by Sarah Woods

Published by Bloomsbury Hard back

ISBN 978 1 4729 1213 8

Price £14.99 Pages 272

Although many of the reviews claim the book is about searching for Harpy Eagles in Central and South America it is more about a 20 year relationship between Sarah and this part of the world. Exploring solo for a women in these areas needs amazing courage and only when she leaves the beaten track to venture into the jungle does she hire a guide.

The book is full of her encounters with wildlife some days looking for one of the largest eagles in the world others when meeting local tribes where as a women, she often is more accepted than a man especially by the children of the villages. Locations like Panama have the mass migration of birds of prey while nearly every trip around the areas produced some form of raptor.

Big cats, hummingbirds, parrots and flycatchers fill the pages along with local history, local medicines and the geography of the places she visits. You really feel you now know the locations Sarah has written about and she has plenty of experience even writing travel books to Panama and Columbia. This is a great read and it certainly gets you away from the ‘killing fields’ of British wildlife! Hopefully she will soon rise the ranks of the RSPB and put some of those other folk out to grass.

Reviewed by  John Miles

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