The Life of Buzzards by Peter Dare

Published by Whittles Publishing

Price £22.99 soft back 292 pages

ISBN 978- 1 84995 130 2

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I have been waiting for this book for a long time. Well not as long as 1974 when Tubbs brought out his book which was the last major work for this species! The well known maps of Buzzard distribution compared to gamekeeper distribution have gone with a new map of colonised Britain showing few gaps. The map showing the decline of game keepers may be a bit out of date as so many estates are expanding their shooting activities especially on the Red Grouse moors paid by our money via high level stewardship.

All in all it is a great read with stunning pictures with new prey including Magpies and Grey Squirrels so lay off the Larson traps you keepers! Rabbits are still the major prey causing £200 million a year in damage to agriculture, horticulture and private gardens so well done Buzzards. The book is worth it just for pages 189 – 192 based on game birds. The Buzzards were taking far more corvids than pheasants proving they actually do good on a shoot. This was also shown as well in Tubb’s book all those years ago! Peter’s 60 years experience certainly comes out in this work and credit must go to the publishers who now have a great variety of wildlife books for you to choose from.

Reviewed by John Miles

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