The Life of Buzzards by Peter Dare

Published by Whittles Publishing

Price £22.99 soft back 292 pages

ISBN 978- 1 84995 130 2

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RSPB confirms red kite adopted by Ballyclare school pupils was shot

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Red Kite Shot” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-17826″ ]The red kite that was deliberately shot in County Down

The RSPB Northern Ireland has confirmed that a red kite was been deliberately shot and killed in County Down. The rare bird, which had been ‘adopted’ by pupils at Ballyclare High School, in County Antrim, was […]

Breeding Female Peregrine and her 3 chicks disappear from North Yorkshire nest

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The female peregrine falcon and her chicks have not been seen since 27 May

Three peregrine falcon chicks have gone missing from a nest in North Yorkshire, sparking a police investigation. Wildlife enthusiasts had been watching the chicks and their mother and last […]