Peregrine nest disturbance: Can anyone recognise this individual asks the police?

Devon & Cornwall Police

Police have received reports of a person who allegedly was seen disturbing the nest of a Peregrine Falcon in Plymbridge Woods between 6-7pm on Tuesday 26th May. It is alleged that a man attempted to photograph the nest causing the birds to be disturbed. Although peregrines do not nest in […]

Disaster stalks the Forest of Bowland. Is this the beginning of the end for this ‘region’s’ ‘protected’ raptors.

This season has been a catastrophy for rare breeding birds of prey on moorland in the Forest of Bowland, an area once regarded as a jewel in the crown for Hen Harriers and Peregrine falcons in Lancashire. Last September we learned about the curious disappearance of ‘Skye’ and ‘Hope’, the two Hen Harrier chicks which […]