Birdlife Malta claims in review of illegal hunting ‘grossly inflated’ says hunters

Birdlife’s statement that 301,600 birds were killed illegally in Malta each year was “grossly inflated” and “fabricated”, the hunters’ federation said. It said this statement was made in a BirdLife Malta review of illegal hunting. The report was drawn up by Matteo Lattuada and Juan Mula Laguna who used only Birdlife Malta data, even though BirdLife International encouraged the use of data from other associations.

The FKNK said that the BirdLife Malta report also contained false and emotional statements and its methodology was unreservedly unsound.

“This deceitful method would not have been so surprising since, locally, BLM are well known to believe that they are above the law.

“What is however of more serious concern is that BLI, in their method guidelines, have encouraged this approach.”

FKNK said that in the case of Malta and spring hunting, both BLM and BLI refused to respect and honour the BLI and FACE agreement of September 9, 2009; the respective European Court of Justice ruling of September 10, 2009; and the local referendum result of April 12, 2015, which endorsed the ECJ ruling that spring hunting was possible by application of derogation and perfectly legal.

The EU dropped the infringements against Malta in this respect immediately following the referendum result, it said.

The federation said that last month, at a Malta Ornis Committee Meeting, Birdlife Malta’s representatives presented a hard copy of their relative report, which the federation said, contained several instances of conflicting information to the online data on the BLI website, to the committee members, and gave two days notice for comments.

The government, the FKNK said, strongly criticized BLM’s report and the FKNK commissioned an independent from ornithologist Natalino Fenech, which report is also being attached.

BirdLife Malta’s review of illegal hunting, a critical report on the Lattuada and Languna report, a review and an FKNK report on spent shotgun cartridges to game-bird kills can be read in the pdf links below.

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