Birdlife Malta claims in review of illegal hunting ‘grossly inflated’ says hunters

Birdlife’s statement that 301,600 birds were killed illegally in Malta each year was “grossly inflated” and “fabricated”, the hunters’ federation said. It said this statement was made in a BirdLife Malta review of illegal hunting. The report was drawn up by Matteo Lattuada and Juan Mula Laguna who used only Birdlife Malta data, even though […]

Shropshire gamekeeper used live quails in bird trap, court told.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”12865934-web” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-17664″ ] Neil Gordon Wainwright Neil Gordon Wainwright a gamekeeper used a metal Larsen trap designed to catch magpies, crows and jays he had baited with two live white quail to catch birds of prey at Birch Hill Wood in Gatten, near the Stiperstones, Shrewsbury, Magistrates Court were told […]

The Hen Harrier: Talking a load of old Waddell

Despite a great deal of hard work and effort to conserve and protect our native English hen harriers, involving many years of fruitless discussion with the shooting community to reach a consensus, we are are losing the battle but the political war will continue let there be no mistake. Bring on Mark Avery’s next e-petition. […]

20 environmental organisations call for the beaver to come home in Scotland

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”beavers” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-15946″ ] The group, which represents over a quarter of a million members, see beavers as a missing element in Scottish biodiversity, believing it is both ecologically and morally right to restore this keystone species. The group claims that the majority of Scotland’s people are ready and willing to […]