Chris Packham interviews George Monbiot & Jeremy Deller Amazing interviews with Chris Packham interviewing Monbiot and Jeremy Deller [Giant Hen Harrier carrying a range rover artist] Great clips ending with Hen Harrier. […]

Fight or Flight, why is the Hen Harrier facing extinction by persecution in England?

You can read about the ongoing plight of England’s Hen Harrier in an article written by Jamie Merrill published online in the Independent this morning. No one reading this story is left in any doubt who the culprits for this years disappearances are.

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First successful breeding of griffon vulture in the Central Balkan Mountains Bulgaria for more than 70 years!

Hard work usually pays off – indeed, one of those joyful momentous of reward was felt yesterday throughout the offices of several conservation organizations in Bulgaria and further afield, when the news that a wild griffon vulture chick had hatched from a nest in Stara Planina, the first breeding in the wild for almost […]