Skydancer, the Plight of the Hen Harrier a new educational book for children.

Hi Raptor Politics

My Book ‘Skydancer the plight of the Hen Harrier’ has gone to print, my children’s educational book is aimed at engaging with the younger generation in wildlife, conservation and to spotlight a species in trouble and fighting for their survival. Many people are convinced that the hen harrier is now facing imminent extinction in England following systematic persecution on moorland used to shoot red grouse. I would be most grateful to Raptor Politics if my book could be given publicity to highlight a strong message, but also as I feel strongly that educating the next generation of adults could bring an end to the unacceptable persecution of all raptors including the hen harrier. 
Skydancer the plight of the Hen Harrier, by Martin is now on sale at a very reasonable cost.

I live on the edge of the New Forest and rarely see the hen harrier. Writing and drawing isn’t my profession, I’ve been caught by the harriers plight so I’m trying to do my little bit. I try to help inspire children who really do have an insatiable appetite for natural history and fact, if they are only given the chance to see what’s out there. They are not cluttered with finance and productivity, but wonders of the world, this is key for the future.

The scoundrel succeeded and scared them away,

as the harrier eats grouse; it’s an alternative prey.

The moorland falls quiet, just the murmuring of game,

but the fight still continues of who is to blame.

from  Skydancer

Who is to blame?  The here and now means something needs to change, the law requires to be enforced to help the good guys out there from all organisations. Please support Skydancer, enjoy the poem, artwork and Iolo’s foreword which is honest and on point.

I REALLY NEED HELP to advertise Skydancer and I hope Raptor Politics will help, this super touchy topic has been so challenging so I’ve had to fund this myself.
Attached is a flyer, to view pages of the book please visit home page and click on the book cover desktop or tablet.

Books can be purchased dedicated and signed direct from me for £4.99 + P&P. Organisations (who wish to sell copies)  £3 per book, free delivery over 20 copies.
Skydancer can be pre-ordered ready for delivery 1st July, payment within 30 days of receiving books.
I’m visiting Birdfair 2015 and hopefully distribute this to organisations before hen harrier day.

Many thanks Martin Bradley

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