Raptor Persecution on red grouse moors: A feudal system of raptor management in the 21st Century.

The 3 stuffed Hen Harriers inside this display cabinet were obtained from the Forest of Bowland. The Harriers were initially photographed by the licensed award winning photographer Dennis Green from a hide. After being killed the Harriers were stuffed then displayed throughout the photographer’s home as trophies. The photographer’s licensed […]

Bearded Vultures: The first nest with chicks in Andalucia, Spain for 30 years

Only nine years after the first bearded vultures were released back into Andalucía, you can see now in this excellent footage, shot by Dr. Francisco Javier Montoro García, the first bearded vulture chick hatched in the wild in a nest high up in the sierra de Cazorla – a huge success in an extraordinary […]