Hard-hitting campaign against wildlife poisoning

CAMPAIGN: One of the posters being used in the campaign.

The North Yorkshire police have launched a new offensive against illegal wildlife poisoning and its potential knock-on impact to humans and other animals. A major new poster campaign across rural North Yorkshire highlights the dangers of the practice – which is usually aimed against birds of prey.

And officers are warning that not only is the practice cruel and illegal, it also poses a serious health risk for the public and their pets. In the ten years between 2004 and 2013, there were at least 70 incidents of confirmed bird of prey persecution across the county.

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Poisoned Red Kite

That included the illegal poisoning of 14 red kites, six buzzards, one goshawk and one peregrine falcon and, in many of the cases, animal carcasses laced with poison were involved.

Dozens of hard-hitting posters warning about the risks of animal poisoning are now being distributed in rural areas including the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, and displayed in National Park Centres, parish council notice boards and other key public places.

The chief executive of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, David Butterworth, has given his support to the campaign. “The extent of illegal persecution against birds of prey is extremely worrying,” he said.

“The National Park Authority would advise that anyone visiting the Dales who comes across any suspected poisoning incident to contact the police immediately.”

Sgt Grainger added: “If you find a mammal or bird that you believe has been poisoned, please do not touch it, as poisons can transfer through contact with skin. “Please also keep your children and pets well away. Instead, make a note of the location, and anything else that is around or near the animal, and contact North Yorkshire Police by dialling 101, or the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme on 0800 321 600.

*North Yorkshire Police has a number of specialist Wildlife Crime Officers, and a comprehensive wildlife crime website at northyorkshire.police.uk/wildlifecrime.

This article was first published by the Northern Echo  and written by Mark Foster

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  • Julie Wright

    Glad to see the Yorkshire police taking this seriously. Shame Lancashire Police aren’t. More public awareness of wildlife crime can only help catch these criminals who are literally getting away with murder.