Should United Utilities offer a reward for information leading to a successful conviction of the person/s responsible for disappearances of the 3 hen harriers from their Bowland estate?

The RSPB are to be congratulated for funding a £10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful conviction of those criminals responsible for the killing of the 3 male hen harriers which disappeared from moorland in the Forest of Bowland owned by United Utilities Plc. We trust this offer will also include information regarding the 2 satellite tagged hen harrier chicks which disappeared last season (2014) after fledging from two nests on the United Utilities estates in Bowland, presumed to have been shot?

Hen Harrier

In our view we feel it is very doubtful that this generous financial incentive will be sufficient inducement to persuade anyone to come forward with information from the shooting fraternity. The Forest of Bowland is a very close knit community; although there will be individuals out there who know the identities of those who perpetrated these crimes, the reward currently on offer would not be sufficient to entice anyone to come forward with information, especially when it may involve identifying work colleagues and friends. It should be remembered that after the poisoning of the 20 plus birds of prey in Scotland last year, including many red kites and buzzards, even though a reward of £30,000 was offered, no one has so far been tempted to claim the reward.

Any worthwhile financial carrot must take into consideration a few facts. If the aim is to induce someone brave enough from the shooting community to point the accusing finger consider these important points; that any person who supplied important information leading to a conviction would be a marked individual. He or she would almost certainly lose their job, having said that the person would have a case for wrongful dismissal depending how their dismissal was handled. There is also a possibility if a gamekeeper comes forward with information, that person would never get employment keepering anywhere in the country again. The individual and family would almost certainly have to up sticks and move lock stock and barrel to another part of the country. This is why any reward to have any chance of success must be substantial.

These are just a few reasons why today Raptor Politics are launching a campaign asking United Utilities Plc, to consider as the landowner, putting up a substantial reward of £100,000 for information leading to the successful conviction of anyone associated with the killing of the 2 satellite tagged hen harriers that disappeared in September 2014, and the 3 male hen harriers that each vanished in April/May this season.

Steve MogfordWe are asking all our followers not only re-tweet this story and add the detail on to their Facebook page, but also to contact The Chief Executive, Mr Steve Mogford, at United Utilities requesting him to recommend the company approve this reward to bring those criminal responsible for these losses to justice. The reward by the way if approved, would be tax deductible?

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2 comments to Should United Utilities offer a reward for information leading to a successful conviction of the person/s responsible for disappearances of the 3 hen harriers from their Bowland estate?

  • Bowland is becoming the Bermuda Triangle for Raptors, they disappear and nobody seems to know a thing, not only the Hen Harriers but also Peregrines and the wonderful Eagle Owls that attempted to nest this year but then mysteriously disappeared from the United Utilities estates.

    The RSPB’s offer of a huge reward, members money, to anyone who comes forward with information, is a joke as they know full well that gamekeepers from one estate will not shop their cronies on another estate. Not only would they lose their job and home they would never get another job. The RSPB are fully aware of this so this reward is just window dressing to make them look as if they care and are doing something,a PR exercise.

    United Utilities are as much to blame as it is happening on their land and they promote the hen harrier in their corporate publicity to show the world how green the company is. I am now asking the Chief Executive, Steve Mogford to but this money where is mouth is if he really wants to catch those responsible. I really believe if he approved this reward as Raptor Politics has suggested, it would have a much better chance of getting a result.

  • Julie Wright

    I will be emailing him, so come on United Utilities this reward would be a drop in the ocean compared to the profit you make. Show the UK that you are serious about protecting these birds. We have had enough of people killing birds of prey to satisfy their greed. Birds of prey are doing what nature intended it’s the human race that isn’t, Just because we have evolved doesn’t give us the right to destroy the natural world.