Scotland’s birds ‘still being poisoned by lead shot’

Pink-footed geese at Loch Leven. Birds such as these remain under threat from lead shot despite legislation outlawing such bullets, environmentalists claim. Picture: Jane Barlow Many thousands of birds are being slowly poisoned to death in Scotland and across the UK as a result of hunters ignoring laws banning lead shot, environmentalists claim. The […]

Talking Naturally: Response To Hen Harrier Deaths May 2015

A special Talking Naturally podcast in response to the May 6th news that three male Hen Harriers (the most persecuted bird in Britain) recently ‘disappeared’ from active nests in the Forest of Bowland. Presented by Charlie Moores, the podcast features a hard-hitting discussion on crimes against birds of prey on grouse moors with Tim Birch […]

Robin Page, ‘acclaimed natural history writer’ and ‘lover of raptors’, claims do-gooders obsessed with ‘avian predators’ allowing killer birds to terrorise our countryside.

In today’s Daily Mail, writing to capture an audience rather than a good factual story, Robin Page excels once again doing what he does best, producing what he is really good at, sensational rubbish to sell a story. Robin Page claims do-gooders obsessed with increasing populations of ‘avian predators’ are letting killer birds terrorise our […]