Police in South West Scotland keeping open mind over Red Kite found poisoned

Results of tests on a red kite found dead by the road near Castle Douglas have revealed that it was poisoned. The bird of prey was found in January, assumed having been hit by a car. Now Police Scotland say tests carried out on blue/green material in the gullet of the bird show it ingested a rodenticide poison which is used in the control of mice and rats.


The rodenticide material is readily obtainable for the control of rodents at retail outlets. Constable Simon Kennedy, Wildlife Crime Officer for Police Scotland in the Stewartry said: “This discovery again highlights the dangers that these types of poisons pose to birds of prey. At this stage we are keeping an open mind in our investigations.

“Working with our colleagues in the RSPB we regularly make appeals to those who use any type of approved poison in the countryside to be aware of the dangers to other birds and animals that may be affected by them.

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