A pair of ospreys are now confirmed as breeding at the ‘T’ in the park venue for this years music festival.

A pair of ospreys which hold a key role in deciding whether this year’s T in the Park goes ahead at Strathallan Estate defying festival organisers by returning to their old nest overlooked by the huge cherry picker festooned with flags and balloons. The ospreys were allegedly seen on their long-term roost near the Perthshire estate on Monday, despite attempts by organisers DF Concerts to move them on to a new custom-built nest nearby. The above video now confirms the pair are attempting to breed having been seen bringing in nesting material on to their nest. Any further  intended disturbance would therefore be illegal and anyone convicted of  reckless and intentional disturbance could be fined up to £5000 or given a six month prison sentence. The ‘T’ in the park organisers will now have to carefully reconsider their options.

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