Hen Harrier article written by the Former Wildlife Crime Officer for Lancashire, republished.

We have attached a link at the bottom of the page to an article detailing the plight of the Hen Harrier on red grouse moors in northern England. The article written several years ago by the former Lancashire Wildlife Crime Officer, Duncan Thomas first appeared in the Shooting Times, and has now been republished in […]

2nd Hen Harrier Peaceful Protest, Forest of Bowland, Lancashire, 9th August 2015

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Forest of Bowland Hen Harrier Peaceful Protest Day, 9th August Dunsop Bridge,Lancashire

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Your support will be critical if we are going to have any chance of preventing the extinction of this iconic moorland raptor. […]

Bald-eagle showing just how tough they are when incubating their eggs covered in snow.

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Photographs captured from the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s eagle camera at Codorus State Park on March 5.

HANOVER, Pennsylvania – Think you’ve had it up to your neck with snow? Try being one of the bald eagles at Codorus State Park.

The eagles took […]