Male Peregrine raises chick on a top floor balcony of high rise Warsaw tenement

Two excited Polish pensioners are awaiting the imminent return of their male peregrine, back to their lofty balcony situated near the top of their thirteen story high rise tenement building in Bielany at the heart of down-town Warsaw. Last year the two pensioners became aware of the presence of a single male peregrine which was spending each night perched on railings outside the living room windows. The falcon seemed oblivious to the presence of both pensioners as they watched the bird plucking prey outside their patio window from the comfort of their arm chair. So pleased were the couple at the falcons arrival they decided to write a diary in which they recorded the exciting behaviour of their new lodger.

In the spring of 2014, after scientists had been alerted to the falcons arrival a scheme was ‘hatched’ to partition the patio and install not only surveillance cameras, but also a nesting tray placed on the floor of the balcony just in case the male was joined by a female.  When no female turned up 2 addled peregrine eggs obtained from a captive breeding scheme was placed inside the nesting tray. One week later a falconer provided a captive bred peregrine chick which replaced the eggs inside the nesting tray.  To everyone’s surprise and delight, the male peregrine began returning to the tray to feed the nestling with prey he had killed almost immediately.

We are sorry the dialog is entirely in Polish, but after watching this truly amazing video you will soon understand what is taking place without any English dialogue. If the peregrine returns this spring to take up residence for a second season we will do our best to bring more information and video.


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