Grouse shooting will continue on Ilkley Moor, council chiefs rule

Grouse shooting will continue on Ilkley Moor


A BLOODSPORT will be allowed to continue at one of the district’s most famous beauty spots, Bradford Council has ruled.

The shooting of grouse on Ilkley Moor will carry on for another three years, but those running the shoots have now been barred from using traps to kill wildlife.

Those campaigning on both sides of the debate have claimed the decision as a partial victory.

A controversial ten-year arrangement allows the Bingley Moor Partnership to shoot grouse on the Council-owned moor until 2018, and is worth up to £10,000 a year for the authority.

But anti-shooting group Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) last year handed in a petition calling for the shoot to be axed, which sparked today’s review.

The Council’s Executive unanimously decided to allow the arrangement to run its course, but agreed to ban the trapping of grouse predators such as stoats and weasels.

Edward Bromet, chairman of the Bingley Moor Partnership, which also helps to manage the moor, said: “We are absolutely delighted. It is an entirely sensible decision.

“What it will do is conserve Ilkley Moor properly for the future.”

Mr Bromet said the ban on trapping animals on the moor would have little consequence, as the partnership was no longer using such traps.

He said: “We don’t mind at all about the trapping on the moor. We already stopped it some months ago anyway.”

Luke Steele, spokesman for BBIM, said: “We welcome the progress that has been made to remove the trapping from Ilkley Moor, but we condemn the decision that has been made to continue the shoot until 2018.”

He said the group would not be giving up its fight and would continue to carry out protests designed to disrupt the shoots.

8 comments to Grouse shooting will continue on Ilkley Moor, council chiefs rule

  • nirofo


    “but those running the shoots have now been barred from using traps to kill wildlife.”

    Oh, that’s OK then, poison will work just as well !!!

  • paul williams

    Yes it will nirifo….or lead shot..:)

  • Circus maxima

    Did environmental health not ban the lead shot?

  • Albert Ross

    I don’t see the word “Raptor” in any of this article. As this site is named “Raptor Politics” I am given to ask if there is any evidence of Raptor persecution on Ilkley Moor and, if so, if BBIM submitted evidence of this?

    • nirofo

      Well they’re not going to mention Raptors are they? Everyone knows that it’s illegal to kill Raptors so no need to mention them is there, I mean to say, it’s taken for granted that grouse shooters have nothing to do with Raptor persecution, have they ???

  • paul williams

    That is probably because all the raptors have now disappeared, Very picky aren’t we Mr Ross!

  • Albert Ross

    You both misunderstand. I am not picky. I just queried why such an article was appearing on “Raptor Politics”? If as nirofo says there was no need to mention Raptors, why is the article posted here?
    After all if , as you suggest Paul, all Raptors have disappeared from the Moor, why the interest? (Incidentally I very much doubt that they have disappeared.)

    IF the campaign to preserve Raptors is to succeed, and I very much hope it does, it is important to maintain objectivity and not resort to ranting at each and every mention of Shooting. Your legitimate target is the illegal shooting of protected birds and not the many people who willingly comply with the law and who would never dream of lifting a gun at something they should not legally shoot.

  • paul williams

    If there are so many people who shoot legitimately, why do they keep their own council and tolerate those that don’t? That is why I condemn you all. I don’t know of many shooters that have reported rogue gamekeepers or law breakers regarding the on-going persecution of Raptors.