George Mutch, first UK Gamekeeper jailed for killing raptors.

At last a Scottish Sheriff has had the balls to do the right thing, send a gamekeeper to prison for crimes against protected raptors. For the first time in the UK a gamekeeper has been jailed for persecuting birds of prey, a sentence which conservationists are hailing as historic.

George Mutch, 48, […]

Malta:Spring hunting referendum to be held between April and July after court gives green light

A referendum on spring hunting in Malta will be held between April and July of this year, following a court ruling on the island yesterday. A copy of the court decision is to be delivered personally to the President within 10 days, and the President is then responsible for setting a date for the vote, […]

American Bald Eagle shot by two teenages in Iowa from car, charges pending

Two American teenagers are expected to face a number of charges after police say they intentionally shot and killed an American bald eagle.

The Bald Eagle is the National Symbol of the United States of America

Police say the two 15-year-olds shot the eagle from their car eagle while it […]

Indian Falcon Hunters Become Fervent Conservationists.

Millions of migrating Amur falcons passed unharmed through India in October and November after villagers in Pangti ordered a ban on hunting. Credit Ramki Sreenivasan/Conservation India

PANGTI, India — Driving the last 20 miles of road to this tiny village takes at least two hours and a fondness for […]

Sea eagle found dead on Mull following treatment for a broken wing & leg; was the release on Mull the correct thing to do?

Kellan hatched on the isle of Mull in 2010 A sub adult White-tailed eagle has been found dead on the Isle of Mull after being treated and then released on the island after sustaining a broken wing and leg. The body of the four-year-old male, known as Kellan, was discovered by a hillwalker over […]

Hen Harrier Day August 9 2015.

Hen Harrier Day 2015 (HH Day) – Sunday 9th August, the weekend before the start of the grouse shooting season. Christmas and New Year is over – it’s time to get our activists heads back on and get organising again.

So HH Day.

Last year’s HH Day was successful but – if we’re being […]

Goshawks thrive in urban Berlin with over 100 breeding pairs.


We are delighted to begin the New Year on a positive note telling the story of the success of one raptor, the goshawk, normally an elusive bird associated with Europe’s forests, but currently breeding in the heart of the city of Berlin. Today seventy years after the end of the Second World War, […]