Malta: Personalities call on public to ‘shout’ and get spring hunting banned

Musicians, TV personalties and journalists all unite under the SHOUT banner, encouraging the Maltese public to vote “No” and abolish spring hunting for ever.

Shout ambassadors and supporters gather outside the launch. Photo: Ray Attard

Activists’ Shout campaign launch • Video by Ray Attard […]

Concerning implications of case involving jailing of gamekeeper by Drew Allan Feature Writer & Columnist

George Mutch the disgraced Gamekeeper sent to prison this week for committing serious wildlife crimes.

More interesting comments regarding George Mutch’s prison sentence handed down this week by a Scottish Sheriff have been published by the HeraldScotland today. These comments, like the one at the end of this article, make […]

Grouse-shooting and the future of hen harriers

Stephen Murphy Natural England holding a satellite tagged Hen Harrier

Follow the attached link which takes you to a number of interesting Hen Harrier comment sent in by a variety of individuals, including Adrian Blackmore Director of shooting, Countryside Alliances published yesterday Friday 16 January. Take the time to add […]

America: Save a Bald Eagle but face Jail time for doing so!

An Illinois wildlife photographer is on trial for rescuing injured birds in a case that will decide just how far citizens can go to help protected wildlife.

This male eagle was released back into the Illinois wild on Jan. 1 after 18 months of care at Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation. (Photo: Sue Wren)


Horus the Peregrine – Childrens Book Review by Ewan Miles

The latest children’s book in the ‘Chick Book’ series is out this winter (Dec 2014) and is named Horus the Peregrine Falcon, which follows the story of a newly fledged peregrine surviving in the city of London. The name Horus comes from a highly worshipped falcon god in Egypt 5000 years ago, with worshipping […]

Man facing court over gin trap fox deaths in Guildford – WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES

The fox died after suffering hideous injuries

A 49-year old man will be summonsed to court following a police investigation into “extremely dangerous” traps which have killed two foxes in Guildford. The unidentified man faces a number of wildlife offences

Both animals were caught in banned gin traps near Tormead […]

Malta: Police drop charges against one Birdlife activist arraigned by mistake.

On the 25th November last year we published an article highlighting the impending court case involving several BirdLife Malta members who had been charged with the illegal possession of protected birds. These birds had been collected by BirdLife members after they had been shot by hunters, the ones alive were being brought to a veterinary […]

Dundee Scientists recover fingerprints from the feathers of birds of prey

A team of Scottish researchers lifted fingerprints from the birds’ feathers using fluorescent powder

Scientists at the University of Abertay in Scotland claim to have made a forensic breakthrough in the fight against wildlife crime. They say that in the future tracing criminals responsible for the illegal poisoning, shooting and trapping of birds […]

Should the Grey Squirrel be culled using millions of pounds of public money?

Landowners are to be paid millions of pounds of public money to cull grey squirrels under the first national plan for managing their numbers. Under the scheme, designed to protect red squirrels and woodland, only those who agree to deal with the animals on their land will be eligible for forestry grants from the Government […]

The mystery of the missing hen harriers by Patrick Barkham

Writing in today’s (13-01-2015) Guardian Patrick Barkham highlights the mystery of the missing hen harriers. You can read here the full text of that story.

Last spring, when walkers on the Lancashire moors came upon two hen harrier nests, they alerted local conservationists. Not because these powerful birds of prey represented a danger to wildlife, […]