How to eradicate grey squirrels without firing a shot by George Monbiot

greyOn Friday 30 January the Guardian published an article writen  by George Monbiot in which he explains his views about the proposals by the Tory governments to cull the grey squirrel. You can read what George had to say about the subject in his first two paragraphs below. You can also follow the reasoning why George Monbiot does not agree with a grey squirrel cull here .


Is there anything more stupid than the government’s plan to kill grey squirrels?

I ask not because I believe – as Animal Aid does – that grey squirrels are harmless. Far from it: they have eliminated red squirrels from most of Britain since their introduction by Victorian landowners, and are now doing the same thing in parts of the continent. By destroying young trees, they also make the establishment of new woodland almost impossible in many places. As someone who believes there should be many more trees in this country, I see that as a problem. A big one.

No, I oppose the cull for two reasons. The first is that it’s a total waste of time and money. Here’s what scientists who have studied such programmes have to say:


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