The notorious Eagle Owl, watch the video and make up your own mind.

This is an interesting video with Tim Melling from the RSPB claiming on one hand the eagle owl could pose a threat to native fauna like the hen harrier, and on the other side of the debate Tony Warburton from the World Owl Trust claiming we should welcome the eagle owl’s arrival here in the UK with open arms.  We find it curious Tim Melling should be telling the public that the eagle owl has killed a number of hen harriers here in England, when the only evidence we are aware of is a the remains of a dead hen harrier found on a plucking post, many yards from an eagle owl nest in the Forest of Bowland containing unfledged young. This is not evidence, this is pure supposition. It is important to point out that the eagle does not use a plucking post; prey items killed are taken direct to the nest where the young are then fed. The debate will no doubt continue, but what do our followers have to say on this contentious subject?

You can watch Chris Packham talking this week about the eagle owl and the hypocritical views held by some conservation organisations about their presence here in the UK. This detail was highlighted by Chris on the BBC’s Winter Watch Series 3, episode 2.  Push the slider bar to 39:55 to listen to what Chris Packham had to say. This series is only available on line for the next 20 or so days.


4 comments to The notorious Eagle Owl, watch the video and make up your own mind.

  • kevin moore

    How does Tim Melling know the Bowland Eagle Owls have taken a number of Hen Harriers, has he got any evidence to support his opinion? If he has not then he should keep his mouth shut and stop scaremongering. Maybe the Eagle Owl has developed the taste for the satellite tracking devices that disappeared last year from Hope and Sky the two young Harriers that were killed in the Forest of Bowland.

    By coming out with ridiculous statements like this Melling is playing into the hands of the real killers of the Hen Harrier.

  • paul williams

    Prove it Tim Melling….There’s a challenge for you…Or will that be too embarrassing for the RSPB.

  • indy

    What about the kestrals being wiped out by the peregrines and sparrow hawks Mr Tim Mellings.

  • indy

    Thank you for loading my comments