Birds and Windfarms




Nov. 10th, 2014

Birds and wind farms

In an article published in the Guardian on November 7th, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is quoted saying that since 1980, across 25 European countries, house sparrow numbers […]

Gamekeeper’s conviction for poisoning birds of prey ‘a wake-up call’, warns judge

Guy Shorrock RSPB Investigations Officer. The fine handed down equates to a value of £84.50 per bird A Norfolk gamekeeper intentionally poisoned ten buzzards plus one sparrowhawk and only received a 10 week suspended sentence plus a fine of £930. The conviction of Allen Lambert for deliberately killing 10 buzzards and a sparrowhawk should […]

Malta:Coalition for the Abolition of Spring Hunting replies to objections in court

The Coalition for the Abolition of Spring Hunting in Malta have submitted their replies to the objections filed last month in the Constitutional Court.

Photo: Turtle Doves by David Tipling.

“The replies are presented by the proposers of an abrogative referendum to abolish Spring Hunting to respond to objections filed […]

RSPB reinforces challenge to shooting community after Norfolk gamekeeper sentenced

An RSPB challenge to leaders in the shooting community to acknowledge and take action against illegal bird of prey persecution has been reinforced after a Norfolk gamekeeper was today, 6 November, handed a 10-week suspended sentence and ordered to pay £930 prosecution costs in Norwich Magistrates Court after being found guilty on two counts […]

Norfolk Gamekeeper Allen Lambert of Stody Estate due to be sentenced today

Analysis found the birds had been poisoned with a pesticide

Allen Lambert convicted of what wildlife groups are calling the worst case of bird of prey poisoning recorded in England will be sentenced today.


Jasper helps raise over £30,000 so far for the Wastdale HQ.

Adam Nolan and Jasper just one hour before Jasper disappeared.


Adam reunited with Jasper, kisses for Adam. What a truly Happy Ending

The campaign to find Jasper, A BORDER COLLIE generated huge interest across […]

The future looks good for the recovery of the Californian Condor

Californian Wildlife officials say a voluntary program to reduce the use of lead hunting ammunition is paying off

There may be some good news in the long-running effort to recover Californian condor populations from the edge of extinction. Federal biologists say the number of condors treated for lead poisoning […]

Scottish golden eagle cover up

Quotes from the Press & Journal, Aberdeen Nov. 3rd 2014 Environmentalists and anti-wind-farm campaigners suspect a cover-up over the number of golden eagles killed by wind turbines.

They believe a decision to put back a golden eagle census of bird numbers by two years is an attempt to hide the facts from the public.

Scottish […]

Iberian lynx soon to be reintroduced to natural habitat in Portugal

The critically-endangered Iberian Lynx, a small-prey hunter native to the Iberian Peninsula, could soon see its population in Portugal resurrected after a deal was signed last week to secure two thousand hectares of land on which the elusive animals will be reintroduced.

Iberian Lynx number in Portugal to be bolstered by a […]

Record-breaking grouse shooting season predicted for Scotland, but at what cost for raptors?

Sporting estates across Scotland have been reporting good grouse counts this season. One of the best years for grouse shooting in living memory has been predicted by a leading sporting agency.

Sporting Lets said the mild spring and favourable summer conditions, combined with the driest September in Scotland since records began, had resulted in “fantastic […]