Secret Plans to cull pine martens from woods are fiercely opposed

A leaked plan by Scotland’s hunting lobby to remove pine martens from ­­woodlands throughout the highlands has sparked fierce opposition from wildlife groups which suspect landowners of planning a cull to protect their lucrative grouse stocks.

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), a charity funded by landowners, farmers and sporting interests, […]

‘Future bleak’ for grouse shooting and deer stalking: Land Reforms Take Aim at Scotland’s Shooting Estates

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced reforms that will impose business rates on hunting and shooting estates and prevent landowners from standing in the way of sustainable development plans in the countryside.


High Court Grants Gamekeeper Go-Ahead To Challenge Natural England Tuesday 25th Nov 2014

A gamekeeper has been given permission by the High Court to proceed with a claim for Judicial Review against the Government’s wildlife licensing authority, Natural England (NE). The self-employed gamekeeper had applied for a licence to control buzzards attacking young pheasants on a small game shooting enterprise he runs for local farmers in Northumberland. NE […]

Birdlife Malta members in court for ‘possession of protected species’ – Fiasco as Police had concluded there was no case

Three Birdlife members photographed holding birds which had been shot to highlight illegal hunting on the island. Some of the birds were dead others were collected for veterinary treatment. Never the less the Federation for Hunting insisted the conservationists should be prosecuted for being in possession of protected species.

The case was […]

Panama City: migrating raptors set new record

A juvenile Swainson’s hawk flies by Panama City’s Ancon Hill on Sun, Nov. 2 during a record-setting raptor migration. Photo courtesy of Rafael Lau. PANAMA CITY, Panama, Nov. 2 — More than two million raptors soared through skies above Panama City, circling and gliding as they made their way across the Central American capital […]

Man receives prison time for killing eagle, but not in the UK

News from the United States this week demonstrated the best way to handle raptor killers, when a court Judge in Iowa handed down a jail term for the intentional killing of a bald -eagle. The sentence was immediately followed by a huge cheer from watches inside the court. The judgement handed down by the […]

“Green” Hypocrisy: RSPB Fiddles as Scotland’s Wind Farms Found Guilty of Rampant Raptor Slaughter

Centuries from now – archaeologists and palaeontologists will be sifting through what were communities of isolated-candle-lit hovels and find the remains of the 21st Century greentards and ecofascists that ended up living in the Stone Age poverty that they were ready to foist upon everybody else.


The time to save the hen harrier is now, says RSPB


The RSPB is today urging Defra to publish the workable elements of the Hen Harrier Action Plan, which the Society believes could bring about the recovery of one of England’s most beleaguered birds of prey.

However, the RSPB is also highlighting its rejection of one point of the […]

Wings in the wind by Rachel French

A step away from the book reviews for one post, another review coming up very soon but in the meantime, back to a raptor topic! I’ve just received a copy of the quarterly Falconers and Raptor Conservation Magazine for which I wrote an article a good few years back. I met the editor himself whilst […]

Great news for migratory birds as two historic global agreements are reached to help save them

RSPB Media Release

Two historic global agreements that will help save migratory bird species across the world were reached this weekend.

Yesterday [Sunday 9 November] the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) agreed a set of guidelines to tackle causes of poisoning and ratified a groundbreaking Action Plan […]